The Latin American History Podcast

--- Max Serjeant ---

The Latin American History Podcast aims to tell the story of Spanish and Portuguese America from its very beginnings up until the present day. Latin America’s history is home to some of the most exciting and unbelievable stories of adventure and exploration, and this podcast will tell these stories in all their glory. It will examine colonial society, slavery, and what life was like for the region’s inhabitants during this period. We will look at what caused the wars of independence, how they were won, and what Latin America looked like afterwards. The region’s twentieth century history was marked by extremes – in political ideas, in levels of wealth, and in cultural expression. It was a time of guerrillas, dictators, death squads, powerful corporations, and turmoil. The cold war was played out in extreme here – although filtered through the legacy of colonialism and the region’s own unique heritage. All this and more make Latin American history a fascinating story, and one worth telling. Join me on this podcast as I set about doing so.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 58. Westwards

    The Spanish attempt once again to settle in North America, but again their ambitions will be frustrated. The Narvaez expedition was an unmittigated disaster. It did however produce one of the most unbelievable stories of survival of the era. Link to the petition to save ILAS - ...


  2. 57. Northwards (again)

    As the Spanish expanded outwards from their base in the Caribbean, there was one region right next door that they had so far failed to colonise. Florida and the rest of North America was less than 100 miles from Cuba, and now it was where they turned their attention. This episode ...


  3. 56. Sebastian Cabot

    Sebastian Cabot is usually associated with his exploration of North America, but he also spent time in exploring the Rio de la Plata. Seduced by rumours of silver, he abandoned the mission he was given to follow in the footsteps of Aleixo Garcia. ...


  4. 55. Aleixo Garcia

    In 1524 a shipwrecked Portguese soldier launched one of the most audacious expeditions in the history of the Iberian conquest of Latin America. Stranded in Southern Brazil, he managed to not just survive, but to carve out a role for himself as a war leader and initiate the first contact between ...


  5. 54. The First Circumnavigation of the Globe - Part 2

    Magellan continues his journey and becomes the first European to sail from the Atlantic through to the Pacific. His journey is only going to get harder however, and although the expedition will make it back to Spain there will be a heavy price to pay first. ...