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The Latin American History Podcast aims to tell the story of Spanish and Portuguese America from its very beginnings up until the present day. Latin America’s history is home to some of the most exciting and unbelievable stories of adventure and exploration, and this podcast will tell these stories in all their glory. It will examine colonial society, slavery, and what life was like for the region’s inhabitants during this period. We will look at what caused the wars of independence, how they were won, and what Latin America looked like afterwards. The region’s twentieth century history was marked by extremes – in political ideas, in levels of wealth, and in cultural expression. It was a time of guerrillas, dictators, death squads, powerful corporations, and turmoil. The cold war was played out in extreme here – although filtered through the legacy of colonialism and the region’s own unique heritage. All this and more make Latin American history a fascinating story, and one worth telling. Join me on this podcast as I set about doing so.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 53. The first Circumnavigation of the Globe

    While Cortez was in Mexico, something else was happening - something which was perhaps just as important for world history. Ferdinand Magellan set out from Spain to find a route around the Americas to Asia, and sail all the way around the globe. ...


  2. 52. When Latins Fight - An Interview with Walter Molano

    This is part two of my conversation with Walter. This time we talk about his book 'When Latins's Fight - Why There is No United Stated of South America'. The book provides an account of all the major wars that took place between states in post-independence South America. Doing this allows ...


  3. 51. Coronavirus and Latin America - An Interview with Walter Molano

    The WHO recently declared that Latin America is becoming the new epicentre of the Coronavirus pandemic. Some countries in particular have been badly hit, with Brazil currently second globally when it comes to numbers of cases. The pandemic is having a major economic impact everywhere, and if the future looks ...


  4. 50. 50th Episode Special - Latin American Film (to watch during lockdown)

    Something a bit different to celebrate the podcast's 50th episode. As many of us are spending a lot more time at home due to the coronavirus crisis and looking for things to keep us entertained, here is an episode about some of the best Latin American films I have seen. ...


  5. 49. The Conquest of Mexico - Part 13

    In this episode we tie up all the loose ends and finish the series on the conquest of Mexico. We will look at what Spanish control actually looked like on the ground, look at what happened to Cortez' and Moctezuma's descendants, and tell the stories of a couple of lesser ...