The Latin American History Podcast

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The Latin American History Podcast aims to tell the story of Spanish and Portuguese America from its very beginnings up until the present day. Latin America’s history is home to some of the most exciting and unbelievable stories of adventure and exploration, and this podcast will tell these stories in all their glory. It will examine colonial society, slavery, and what life was like for the region’s inhabitants during this period. We will look at what caused the wars of independence, how they were won, and what Latin America looked like afterwards. The region’s twentieth century history was marked by extremes – in political ideas, in levels of wealth, and in cultural expression. It was a time of guerrillas, dictators, death squads, powerful corporations, and turmoil. The cold war was played out in extreme here – although filtered through the legacy of colonialism and the region’s own unique heritage. All this and more make Latin American history a fascinating story, and one worth telling. Join me on this podcast as I set about doing so.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 42. The Conquest of Mexico - Part 6

    In November 1519 Cortez entered Mexico city. What would happen when these two alien civilisations met? The coming months would among the most decisive of the conquest, but they would also be the strangest. ...


  2. 41. The Conquest of Mexico - Part 5

    Cortez was determined to meet with emperor Moctezuma - even if Moctezuma had made it more than clear that he wanted nothing to do with him. To do this, he would have to march over land to Tenochtitlan but getting there would not be easy. Between him and the Aztec capital ...


  3. 40. The Conquest of Mexico - Part 4

    Today's episode sees Cortez meet the Aztec for the first time, found a city, see off a rebellion, and gain some allies. ...


  4. 39. The Conquest of Mexico - Part 3

    After his stop in the Yucatan, Cortez continued northwards. He had a few difficulties to overcome before he encountered the Aztec however. Today's episode will see him fighting the first battles of the conquest, and meeting a character who will play a major role in coming events. ...


  5. 38. The Conquest of Mexico - Part 2

    In the lead up to the Spanish arrival in Mexico, the Aztec witnessed a series of ominous omens. They included strange two-headed men, pillars of flame and ghostly voices. In this episode we examine these and what impact they had on their interpretation of the arrival of the Spaniards. Meanwhile Cortez ...