18. The Iberians - Part 2

Episode 19 November 13, 2017 00:22:34
The Latin American History Podcast
18. The Iberians - Part 2

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Having looked at the general history, this episode we hone in on the events that led up to the discovery of the Americas. We cover the war of Castilian succession and why it was so important for the future of the Americas - despite the fact that they had not been 'discovered' yet. Along the way we will encounter family feuding, incest and scheming which would make Game of Thrones look tame.

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Announcement - The Latin American History Podcast is now Available in Portuguese

Thankyou to Mateus Menezes for taking this on! The first episode is already online, and you can find it wherever you get your podcasts from. Website: [https://www.spreaker.com/show/historia-da-america-latina?fbclid=IwAR2U-f92ucJxQNWojg4hG5NUVtjs9-RTPviaxjtcilE3wyKsHuiCwuX11Yc](https://www.spreaker.com/show/historia-da-america-latina?fbclid=IwAR2U-f92ucJxQNWojg4hG5NUVtjs9-RTPviaxjtcilE3wyKsHuiCwuX11Yc) Facebook: [https://www.facebook.com/Hist%C3%B3ria-da-Am%C3%A9rica-Latina-102122097860339/](https://www.facebook.com/Hist%C3%B3ria-da-Am%C3%A9rica-Latina-102122097860339/) Email: [email protected] ...